Lowe’s seen displaying Christmas decorations and it’s not even Halloween yet

September 24, 2023 by No Comments

A Memphis shopper recently came across premature Christmas decorations available for sale at Lowes on Perkins. They shared their discovery on Reddit and playfully captioned the image with, “Too Soon!” This playful comment hinted at the fast-approaching Christmas season, which is never too far away in the world of retail. Bizarrely, these decorations were situated directly opposite the Halloween stuff, as if the two were engaged in a battle of sorts.

Interestingly, this occurred during one of the hottest summers in recent American history. Given the weather, it appears that the Christmas tree on the back right, adorned with snow, might not be quite fitting for this year’s Christmas in Memphis. However, it’s worth noting that Lowes is likely not the only retailer offering Christmas products at this time of year.

This prompted a response from one Memphis local who wrote: “I can remember hearing Christmas music playing inside Stein Mart on Winchester in August many years ago.”

If you’re a seasoned Christmas shopper, you’ll likely agree with this observation. Whether you have a love or hate relationship with it, this image serves as a reminder that the holiday season is on the horizon. Judging from past experience, it’s safe to say that the coming weeks and months will only become busier as the festive season approaches.


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