Locals Not Happy As Price of Publix Chicken Wings Soars

September 24, 2023 by No Comments

Discovered in a fridge at a Publix store in Orlando, a 5.24 lbs pack of chicken wings now comes with a hefty price tag of $26.15. This represents a significant increase compared to just one year ago in 2022 when you could purchase wings for somewhere between $14 to $17, a price point that was already relatively high compared to other stores. Such a price hike isn’t surprising given that Publix is known for its higher prices compared to other stores.

Looking back two decades, it was once possible to snag two 5 lbs batch of chicken wings for just $7 during a sale. Nowadays, the likelihood of such a deal is as slim as discovering a needle in a haystack.


The image was uploaded to Reddit where Orlando users discussed the price as well as Publix as a store. It goes without saying that you would need to eat these fairly quickly too due to chicken being notorious for expiring quickly compared to other foods.

Here one user wrote: “I struggle to understand who is shopping at Publix. Even with six-figure incomes, these prices are nuts. Especially when they are close to double what Walmart, Sam’s, and Costco offer.” With this being said, it may be a case of high prices in this particular store compared to inflation across all levels when it comes to food shopping in Orlando.


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