Downtown Kohl’s takes shape with opening imminent

September 24, 2023 by No Comments

The forthcoming Kohl’s establishment in downtown Milwaukee, located at HUB640, is currently progressing according to schedule and is slated to be inaugurated this autumn. Over the forthcoming weeks, the focus will shift to interior construction at the address, 640 Vel R. Phillips Ave., which was formerly occupied by a Boston Store for an extended duration.

This new store is an integral component of a nationwide strategy aimed at launching more compact, regionally-focused retail outlets tailored to the local demographic. Kohl’s intends to unveil a smaller format store encompassing approximately 35,000 square feet, in contrast to their more conventional stores, which typically span 80,000 square feet.


An image of the interior was leaked onto the website Reddit. Here, it showed the size of this store which is going to be a big one. Aside from shelving, it looked like most of the work was done meaning that its opening looks imminent. On a separate note, this also spells good news for Milwaukee’s downtown as it will undoubtedly increase spending in the area.

Notably, this establishment will feature a Sephora cosmetics store, a strategic partnership Kohl’s anticipates will attract a larger customer base. Upon its inauguration, patrons will have the convenience of opting for in-store pickup and self-purchase pickup alternatives. Recruitment for positions at the new store has already commenced.

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