Doug Burgum criticized over ‘unrealistic’ gas price claims

September 24, 2023 by No Comments

Doug Burgum is currently running for President and as a result, he is hard on the campaign trail. Yesterday, he uploaded a video to his Instagram profile that was captioned: ‘Just like Joe Biden…these gas prices have got to go!’ Here, he claimed that he would be able to lower gas prices if he was voted in as President. This video was shot outside of a North Dakota gas station, where he claimed he would make the US more energy-dominant.

While these sound like incredible plans, not everyone bought into them. In fact, the video drew quite a lot of criticism from people who believed his claims to be difficult to implement.

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Replying in the comments, one user wrote: “No you’re not. And anyone with a remotely working knowledge of the oil and gas industry knows what a ridiculous claim that is.” Similarly, another Instagram user replied saying: “These gas prices are a result of oil companies intentionally limiting supply to increase profits. Republicans have no answer to fix corporate greed.”

Similarly, other members claimed that gas prices couldn’t be changed by the President, while others simply laughed at his statement and called it unrealistic. Despite being a popular politician in North Dakota, it does look like this statement hasn’t exactly worked as he’d have liked. Regardless of your political stance, many disagreed with his statement with some even resorting to criticism. Overall, it will be interesting to see how Burgam gets on in his bid for The Whitehouse. Based on this episode though, he will need to be a lot smarter in the coming months.

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