This photo strongly hints that Rangoon could be re-opening

September 23, 2023 by No Comments

For nearly 30 years, Rangoon was known for serving delicious Burmese cuisine to the residents of Philadelphia. After first opening in 1993, it went on to serve the community for years and build a cult following. Unfortunately, it closed in December 2021 after the owner retired.

However, a photograph uploaded to Reddit yesterday gave a very strong hint that the eatery could actually be returning to the Philadelphia streets. This is because it had new flags outside the building which showed a potential re-opening. More obviously, it also had a neon sign that read ‘Open‘ with the lights on inside the windows.


It should be stated that there has been no official release from Rangoon regarding a re-opening. After checking their social media pages, most are inactive and do not hint at any form of re-opening. Of course, actions speak louder than words and the picture above suggests otherwise. It could be that a new owner has purchased the building and was playing around with the electrics.

Similarly, it could be that a new person has decided to re-open the Rangoon restaurant as a new owner. Ultimately at this point, there is no concrete evidence to back up these theories. Nonetheless, it is still better than nothing and shows that movement could finally be happening with the venue after years of sitting there dormant.

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