Rare Gyrocopter spotted over Rehoboth Beach

September 23, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a man was sighted in the skies of Rehoboth Beach while flying his neon green Gyrocopter. This isn’t exactly a typical sight and according to others, the same plane had been spotted in other areas of Delaware too. It turns out that flying Gyrocopters around Delaware is completely legal, provided you own a license to do so. In other words, it’s a bit like flying a private helicopter.

The image was originally uploaded to Reddit where users discussed the rare sighting. Here, one user wrote: “I saw this guy over the Point last weekend, for a second I thought I was in real-life Far Cry.” In other words, it looks like this particular pilot has been getting a lot of practice in lately.


Typically, Gyrocopters cost the same as your average car and can vary in price massively. Despite looking somewhat fragile, they’re actually relatively safe, especially when compared to helicopters as they can usually glide down to land safely, even if their power goes. Although their prices and safety may sound appealing to some, it still doesn’t change the fact that they’re still very rare. So, seeing one of these over Delaware isn’t typical and understandably may bring a smile to people’s faces.

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