Dozens of dump trucks and cones appear on Cooke St. and here’s why

September 23, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, locals were confused to see dozens of dump trucks and cones on the Queen St intersection. Not only is this sight a little unusual, but it could also be quite inconvenient. As seen, one side of the intersection was blocked off which may have caused extra traffic due to diversions.

It turns out that this was due to road works in the area. Here, large potholes were filled while other parts of the road were completely resurfaced. This comes after various parts of Hawaii have recently been repaving roads to make them more efficient and pleasant to drive on.


The image was originally uploaded to Reddit, where one user named Kakaako Kid wrote: “They’ve been working on roads throughout Kaka’ako for some time now. I’m curious about whether it’s to upgrade underground utilities (because of new construction?), address problems found when that sinkhole closed Cooke Street, something related to the new train station, or just normal maintenance.”

Despite the recent fanfare, locals will be well aware that road works in the area have been going on for several months now. With this in mind, it looks to be a fairly large project. Although this may be frustrating for drivers and locals, the main benefit is that in a few months, it will be better for everyone.


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