Charlotte’s most expensive condo goes up for sale

September 23, 2023 by No Comments

Charlotte’s most expensive condo has just been listed for sale on Zillow. This property is far from normal and will set you back $12,900,000. It also comes with a $1,840 monthly HOA fee. This isn’t even accounting for bills and maintenance costs either. In other words, this is exclusively available for Charlotte’s ultra-wealthy.

There are several reasons why this property is so expensive. Firstly, it has 9,286 sqft which is bigger than most houses in the city. It also comes with scenic views of the city and its location is perfect. Here, it is situated in the illustrious Arlington Ave in the heart of Charlotte.


As seen, this property has plenty of character which is unsurprising considering that it was built in 1920. It is currently filled with enough books to fit a small library as well as quirky features such as gas pumps and vintage pool tables. This shows a glimpse of how cool this condo can look with the right direction.


The condo also features a rustic theme with bare ceilings and open brick walls. In short, it’s very well done and is certainly quirky. Sometimes, expensive pads can be too sterile and lacking in character, whereas this place is the complete opposite. Unfortunately, for most of us owning this property is nothing more than a fantasy.

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