$9.9 million Houston home up for sale – But is it too ugly?

September 23, 2023 by No Comments

Earlier this week, this property was listed on Zillow for $9,970,000. This roughly works out to $72,379 in monthly mortgage repayments. In other words, it’s literally one of the most expensive houses on the market in Houston.

In fairness, it is situated on 1 acre of land and the actual house is 10,596 sqft in size. It comes with a whopping 11 bathrooms as well as 6 bedrooms. The property is due to be completed in 2024 and is located on the highly desirable Ourlane Cir. So, what is the catch?


Well, there isn’t really a catch. However, as seen in the main picture, it looks a bit ugly on the outside. You can clearly see what the architect was going for as it almost looks like an old Texan barn that you’d find on a farm. However, there is something about the brickwork that makes it look incredibly mundane and almost brutalist. In short, it almost looks too square and not in a good way.


On the positive side of things, the interiors do look genuinely beautiful. As you’d expect with the price tag, it comes with many luxuries as well such as a large swimming pool, huge rooms, and plenty of space for sunlight due to the large windows. With this said, the property really is very different on the outside compared to its interiors. Because of this, it may be a case of finding a buyer who can look past its first appearances.


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