Rare white turkey spotted in Nashville neighborhood

September 22, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a rare white turkey was photographed in the Inglewood neighborhood of Nashville. Here, it was roaming the streets with three other turkeys in the background. Obviously, seeing turkeys out and about isn’t too uncommon. However, white turkeys are notoriously rare and aren’t something that you’ll typically see very often.

Due to the shape and size of these turkeys, they also look natural to the wild as well and aren’t from a turkey farm. According to one Nashville resident, the white turkey is called Casper and has lived in Forrest Green Drive for several years. Typically, wild turkeys live until around age 5 so it can also be considered quite old as well.


The image was originally posted to Reddit and was positively received. Here, users were shocked to see a white turkey while others claimed that they had seen the same one before over the years. Others in the thread also joked that this was an act of gentrification in the area.

Despite looking cute, residents should exercise restraint when seeing wild turkeys as they can be unpredictable and potentially aggressive if they feel threatened. In short, it’s essential to keep a safe distance from them and observe them from afar if you encounter them in their natural habitat.

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