Raleigh Locals shocked after hearing this tomato cost $10 at Lowe’s

September 22, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, the price of a Lowe’s tomato was revealed on the site Reddit. Here, a user took a picture of the tomato in their hands and wrote: ‘This tomato is $10 at Lowe’s’. While the tomato was clearly larger than average, it goes without saying that this was hardly inexpensive. Unfortunately, the user didn’t give the name of the exact store, although it is understood to be somewhere in Raleigh.

The tomato in question had a ‘Canada’ sticker on it, which means it wasn’t even shipped in from a different continent. Furthermore, after closer inspection, it didn’t even look fresh. This is because the tomato skin looked to have seen better days and was starting to sag.


This post garnered over 70 comments, with many commenting with shock and disappointment. Here, one user wrote: “Lowe’s stresses me out. It’s both overpriced and has a Walmart sadness to it. The one in Apex is run by teenagers, it always feels like a Wild West when I do have to go there.”

Similarly, another said: “I seriously don’t understand why anyone willingly shops at Lowe’s Foods. Very overpriced with no redeeming qualities. It’s like a Food Lion but with Whole Foods prices.” Based on this, it looks as though the people have spoken and at $10 for a tomato, you can’t blame them for being underwhelmed.


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