Proposal to demolish old Sacramento Bee and build 538-unit apartment building

September 22, 2023 by No Comments

Over the past few months, numerous plans have been floated surrounding the iconic Sacramento Bee building. According to the photo pictured below, it may be turned into a 538-unit apartment building. The sign was spotted on the side of the SacBee building that read: ‘Notice of planning application’. It also mentioned demolishing the building entirely and using the land to re-build a modern apartment block.


This image was originally posted on Reddit where users had their say. The majority seemed to be in favor of more apartments which may help ease the price of city housing a little. Obviously, when supply is low and demand is high, more housing is always a welcome relief. However, one user wasn’t as positive and had this to say: “Construction seems relatively easy, but decades of maintenance and dealing with problem people can be difficult. I agree that as a community, we should support each other by legislating the provision of basic needs for everyone. It shouldn’t be comfortable for most, just sufficient, so they are stable enough to work on finding something better.”

It should also be noted that this is merely a proposal and whether it actually becomes a reality is not yet known. Often, ideas are commonly talked about and put forward but due to red tape, many ideas never get put into action.

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