Locals shocked at the price of this Hawaiian Restaurant’s burger menu

September 22, 2023 by No Comments

A Hawaiian restaurant recently went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. Here, its burger menu was revealed and the prices were steep to say the least. This was a ‘Build your own burger (B.Y.O.B) menu that had prices such as $6 for the bun, $6 for lettuce, and $11 for beef. Similarly, it even charged $3 for cheese and the same price for onions.

Obviously, this was very expensive and it begs the question as to why they didn’t just charge $40 or more for a stand-alone burger. The venue was revealed to be the Hula Hulas restaurant and bar at the Naniloa Hotel. Here, a sleuth on Reddit seemingly recognized the menu and confirmed this theory.


The original Reddit post prompted thousands of comments, with one person writing: “Resort pricing. welcome to hotel food in Hawaii. I spent about the same at a Vegas strip casino strip for hash, eggs, and bad microwave bacon and a coffee.”

Elsewhere, others announced their shock at the menu. However, this wasn’t the case for everyone. Some claimed that it wasn’t too expensive when broken down, especially when looking at hotel food. Nonetheless, it certainly seems like this business model is unusual and not to everyone’s liking.


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