Ted Wheeler scrutinized after taking photo op with Portland Police Chief

September 21, 2023 by No Comments

Over the years, it’s fair to say that Ted Wheeler has had a testing time acting as Portland’s mayor. This was highlighted yesterday when he took a photo with Portland’s police chief, Chuck Lovell. He captioned the photo by writing: ‘Thank you, Chief Lovell for your leadership. You have led Portland Police through unprecedented times with a steady and reliable hand. You have nothing but my support, admiration, and gratitude for your service.’ This was uploaded to Wheeler’s Twitter account.

Despite looking very happy in the photo, not everyone was as pleased. In the comments section, a number of people used this to publically bash Wheeler.

One user named James Blazen responded by writing: “You vilified police, defunded their budget, called them racist, and constantly second-guessed their judgment. That’s why Portland is a filthy, lawless mess.”

Similarly, a user named Daniel had this to say: “You should replace him with a true social justice warrior! How about Former Commissioner Hardesty? She was full of ideas on how to save money and improve outcomes by eliminating police. What you are doing isn’t working, give her a shot!”

Last week, it was revealed that Wheeler will not be seeking a third term. If the aforementioned comments are anything to go on then this isn’t really surprising either.

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