NYC Mayor Eric Adams gets blasted on Facebook after voting photo op

September 20, 2023 by No Comments

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s fair to say that New York City Mayor Eric Adams has had a tough time of late. This is down to various cuts under his leadership as well as dealing with New York’s migrant crisis. Yesterday, Adams encouraged people to vote in a Facebook post that read: “You’ve heard me say this before: voting is our most fundamental right as Americans. On this National Voter Registration Day, take some time to check your voter registration, especially if you’ve moved since the last time you voted.”

Despite this statement seeming fairly innocuous, the comments were far from it. Here, a total of 260 people commented on his statement, with many taking it as an opportunity to bash the mayor.

Here, one Facebook user named Nino Gonzalez wrote: “All agencies are getting cuts to give money to the immigrants? In what world do you live? You are cutting the people that pay taxes? Omg! I am counting the days to vote red!”

Similarly, another user wrote: “You should get fired for putting illegal people before the citizens.” It should also be noted that a few people did give their support to the mayor and thanked him for his service. However, it looked like the majority of people let their concerns be known. Ironically, when it does come to voting for the next NYC mayor, it looks as though Eric Adams will be literally judged by his views on people practicing the right to vote.

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