Minneapolis fire hydrant bursts and soaks locals

September 20, 2023 by No Comments

A video uploaded yesterday showed a burst fire hydrant that soaked local cars in Minneapolis. This was filmed at the intersection of Golden Valley Road and Sheridan Ave. N. Here, the hydrant violently sprayed anything in its path and gave them a free wash in the process.

It is since believed that the hydrant has been attended to but for a few hours yesterday, it certainly made driving around that particular area a lot more difficult.

The video was originally uploaded to Reddit, where one user saw the funny side and wrote: “We have public bidets now?” Usually, fire hydrants burst due to overpressure or corrosion that takes place over time.

Typically, hydrants are designed to withstand a certain level of water pressure. If the water pressure in the municipal water supply system suddenly increases beyond what the hydrant can handle, it can cause the hydrant to burst. According to this site, the cost of repairing a damaged hydrant is typically between $1000-$2000 and if they damage your car (such as the water breaking your windows) then the city has to pay up.

Thankfully here though, the situation wasn’t serious and was dealt with quickly. Having said this, more Minneapolis hydrants may break in the near future due to winter approaching which may lead to freezing issues.

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