Governor Kim Reynolds sparks controversy with divisive abortion comment on Facebook

September 20, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds sparked controversy with a Facebook post. Here, she wrote: “It’s never a ‘terrible thing’ to protect innocent life. I’m proud of the fetal heartbeat bill the Iowa legislature passed and I signed in 2018 and again earlier this year.”

It’s no secret that Reynolds has long been a fan of pro-life and this is reflected in her policies. Nonetheless, her vocal support of the bill proved to be divisive. Here, the post gained nearly 500 comments in under 24 hours. It should be noted that many of these comments praised Reynolds for her stance on the issue. However, as you’d expect with this there was also a lot of kickback.


This prompted a fierce response by a Facebook user named Mari Larson who wrote: “What about after they’re born? Your foster care system does more harm than good. I hope you plan on adding billions to assistance. There are going to be a whole lot of claims, what with all these babies being forced into the world. Get to work adopting them. What about the thousands of women who require one every year for medical reasons? Don’t tell me they can get it, the doctors are too worried about going to jail to do what they would according to medical standards and texts.”

Similarly, other users attacked Reynolds for her DUI conviction. As mentioned earlier though, the majority of the comments agreed with Reynolds and supported her views. This makes sense considering she was voted in as the state’s Governor after all.


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