Popular fast food joint closes and gets demolished – But it will be returning

September 19, 2023 by No Comments

Leon Valley residents will now need to journey a bit further to satisfy their Whataburger cravings. The local fast-food establishment situated at the intersection of Bandera and Huebner roads has temporarily ceased operations until the year 2024, as confirmed by an announcement posted on the City of Leon Valley’s official Facebook page on September 14th.

The specific Whataburger in question, located at 7016 Bandera Road in Leon Valley, TX 78238, shares proximity with a shopping complex housing various businesses, including the Otaku Cafe and Hobby Lobby. The City of Leon Valley noted that this particular Whataburger served its last customers on the preceding Thursday, closing its doors at the stroke of midnight.

Since then, the establishment’s structure has undergone demolition, and while an exact reopening date is yet to be disclosed, authorities have indicated that Whataburger anticipates welcoming patrons back in January 2024. Its demolition was mentioned on Reddit where a user also showed a picture of the wreckage. In fairness, the building did look outdated so a full refurb is not at all surprising.


For those seeking the nearest alternative Whataburger location close to Leon Valley, the option lies at 12034 Culebra Road in San Antonio, TX 78253. It may be some time until the Leon Valley location re-opens. Thankfully, there are many alternatives dotted around San Antonio.

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