Popular Baltimore Coffee Shop re-opens under new initiative

September 19, 2023 by No Comments

A total of 22 former staff members will take charge of the coffee shop, with 19 of them assuming the role of “worker-owners.” Initially, the menu will feature coffee and muffins, with plans to introduce additional offerings in the coming weeks. As you would expect with something like this, the staff will probably know better than anyone what works when it comes to providing customers with the best food and drink.

The revival of Common Ground cafe coincides with a trend in Baltimore, where several businesses, including Taharka Brothers, Joe Squared, and various Ace Hardware stores, have been transitioning towards worker-owned models.

Since its re-opening, the co-operative has been met with positivity among locals who praised its high-quality food and friendly atmosphere.

Over its twenty-five years of operation, Common Ground garnered a dedicated following among its regular patrons in the North Baltimore neighborhood and beyond. Here’s to hoping that the next twenty-five years will be even more successful.

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