New rooftop bar to open next month in Detroit

September 19, 2023 by No Comments

If you’ve been to downtown Detroit lately then you may have come across the new Bedrock luxury apartments. It turns out that these are getting a new rooftop bar next month, named Kamper’s. This is a bar and lounge that will have scenic views of the city and is aptly named after the Book Tower’s original architect, Louis Kamper.

Like many modern luxury apartment blocks, the Book Tower will have a number of facilities for its residents such as a gym, bar and there is even talk of a restaurant operating out of the location as well. Despite this being good news, it also has Detroit locals questioning the timing of the opening.

On this particular Reddit thread, one user wrote “Just in time to winter.” All humor aside, this is a valid point and means that this rooftop bar may not see real success until next summer. Arguably, opening as Detroit’s winter approaches is an ambitious and brave move. Nonetheless, this is also a good indicator that the city is on the up and shows real change in the area for a new, classy Detroit.

The address will be Book Tower, 1265 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226. If you’re in the area, get your coats ready and head on down for a drink or five.


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