Incredibly rare Ford SkyRanger spotted in Austin is 1 of 17 ever made

September 19, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, an unexpected sighting unfolded as a 1991 Ford SkyRanger made a casual appearance in Austin. This particular vehicle is part of an exclusive production run of just 17 models, rendering encounters with it quite rare. With this in mind, seeing one of these out in the wild is incredibly rare and it is quite baffling to imagine that one of the 17 models is housed in Austin.

Interestingly, Austin residents have reported multiple sightings of this remarkable car throughout the city, suggesting it has become a fixture in the local landscape. Despite being incredibly rare and difficult to get hold of, this car isn’t the most expensive. Back in 2015, one was sold on eBay for a buy-it-now price of $33,999. Although nearly ten years ago, you may be able to put a zero on the end of that price tag now. Nonetheless, for something so obscure you may originally believe that it would be worth millions instead.


This car is such a rarity as Ford initiated the production of 17 units specifically for showcasing at various auto shows, aiming to assess the public’s response to a convertible version of the Ranger. Unfortunately, it’s worth noting that in the very same year, the Dodge Dakota convertible was discontinued due to insufficient market demand. Consequently, Ford made the decision not to pursue further production, resulting in only these 17 units being finalized.

In other words, the car in question was more of a failed prototype rather than some kind of luxury, exotic vehicle that was intentionally designed to be produced in a small quantity. Had history been different then the Roadster may have been mass-produced. On a final note, if you’re out and about in Austin then you may be lucky enough to spot this car on the roads.


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