New desserts shop to open in Huntsville ‘soon’

September 18, 2023 by No Comments

A local dessert maker may soon be moving to a physical storefront in Huntsville. This information was found on their Yelp page which said ‘Drizzled Bakery Bar – Opening Soon!’ Aside from this, little information is provided. However, upon checking with Yelp, this update was made on March 26th meaning that it has been this way for several months now.

Nonetheless, when it comes to opening a physical shop, this is quite normal and usually it can take months to open. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information surrounding an official opening date. Again, we should stress that this isn’t too unusual. According to the Yelp page, the address is located somewhere in the Stonegate part of the city.

Upon further research, we also found the TikTok account of the Drizzled Bakery Bar which has been around for a few years. One video claims that it was founded in 2019 and has grown significantly since. It is believed that this started out by a Huntsville local who started making custom desserts by using rice crispies and other cereals.

Now, their treats have become more refined and often involve chocolate, syrups, cookie dough, and other additions to the cereals used. While to foods look incredibly sweet and sugary, they also look very different compared to your typical dessert parlor. Watch this space for more developments on when the physical store is opening.

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