New Beer Garden and Food Cart location re-opens in the heart of Portland

September 18, 2023 by No Comments

This weekend saw the re-opening of a new beer garden and food cart area in Portland. This was the opening of Midtown Beer Garden at SW 5th and Oak downtown. Judging by the pictures, it looks like this venue got off to a roaring success as it was packed with locals. This isn’t too surprising either, as Portland’s food truck scene has been world-famous for several years now.

Of the food carts, cuisine on offer included the likes of tacos, Korean, smash burgers, and loads of alcohol including cocktails. Many of these were the old carts from this location that had come back, as well as a few more that had come from nearby.


Speaking online, one Portland local wrote: “Stopped by yesterday randomly, not knowing it had just reopened. Nice vibe, ate tasty Egyptian food.” It is also believed that the music will be returning in the near future, although this was not present during its re-opening.

Although this is great news for the Portland food scene and will undoubtedly be beneficial for the community, there is one issue. With the autumn and winter season fast approaching, sights like the photo above probably won’t be too common until the spring. With this said, get down while you can as you can’t beat a beer garden in the sun and there probably won’t be too many days like this left this year.

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