Coyote seen wandering San Francisco streets

September 18, 2023 by No Comments

It appears to be summer break for the coyotes in San Francisco, as one of these creatures was observed leaving the woods and venturing into the city streets for a leisurely stroll in the suburbs. The incident was recorded on video and shared on Reddit, showing the coyote calmly walking along a sidewalk.

Thankfully, since the video was filmed there have been no reports of harm to humans or animals have been associated with this particular coyote sighting. While this video might startle some individuals, it’s worth noting that in San Francisco, encounters with coyotes have become increasingly frequent.

Nevertheless, coming across a coyote can be unsettling for the average person and may pose a risk to pets. Additionally, over the years, there have been instances of coyotes attacking young children, emphasizing the need for caution when they are in proximity.

Reacting to the video, one user replied saying: “I filmed one yesterday a few blocks away from McClaren Park, that looks very similar to the one seen in your video. I wonder how far they roam.” With this said, also seeing a coyote in an urban area is fairly rare it’s still something that certainly goes on if you’re lucky enough to see one.

For guidance on how to avoid confrontations with coyotes, you can refer to the information provided by San Francisco Animal Care and Control on their website.

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