Chinook military planes spotted in Austin skies

September 18, 2023 by No Comments

Today, Austin residents were taken by surprise as formidable military aircraft glided through the suburban skies. This was certainly an uncommon sight, and it’s quite normal to experience a sense of wonderment upon their unexpected appearance. It’s worth noting that when it comes to Chinook helicopters, you often hear their unmistakable roar before laying eyes on them, as they are renowned for their considerable noise.

These specific aircraft have been identified as Boeing CH-47 Chinooks and were observed over Town Lake. These Chinooks are occasionally utilized for military drills and have even served as transportation for military equipment. Here, they’re known for carrying very heavy loads.

Speaking of expenses, the Chinook doesn’t come with a modest price tag. Each of these aircraft is estimated to cost around $30 million, which implies that the person who captured those photographs witnessed an expenditure exceeding $60 million.

Sadly, there is limited information available regarding the reasons behind the presence of two Chinooks over Austin yesterday. It could have been part of training exercises or possibly linked to the transport of equipment. Speaking online, one Austin local believed they were possibly Dutch as they theorized: “A number of European countries train out of Fort Cavazos, including the Netherlands.”

Overall, it’s a pretty cool sight and certainly isn’t something you’ll get to see every day when out and about in Austin.


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