Washington Car Thefts rise by over 100% compared to last year

September 17, 2023 by No Comments

A tweet by local journalist Evan Koslof yesterday revealed that car theft in Washington DC. had risen a whopping 109% compared to the same time last year. The numbers had risen from 2427 to over 5000 for this year. This trend was also followed by overall theft rising by 22% and property crime rising by 26%. In fact, it was only theft from auto that did not rise.

The rise in car thefts could be due to numerous reasons such as socioeconomic factors. Similarly, the whole Kia Boyz trend could also be to blame. Nonetheless, these stats only show so much and do not give bias towards any particular theory.

It should also be noted that this statistic may not be exclusive to Washington either. This is because car crimes seem to have risen throughout most US cities and states. In other words, it may be harsh to judge this as an isolated D.C. incident.

As well as this, sometimes statistics like this can be deceiving if a previous year’s numbers were far lower than usual. Nonetheless, if it stands at over 100% then this looks as though something has gone badly wrong. In the meantime, D.C. is also looking for a new police chief which may be more telling than what numbers can offer.

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