New homeless RV encampment emerges on Fremont

September 17, 2023 by No Comments

A new homeless encampment has begun to be built on Fremont. This was recently documented by a dog walker who noticed the new additions to the area when passing through. They took the picture and said: “This is a nice trail in Fremont I take my dogs to, for some off-leash walking. About a couple of months ago, these RVs have showed up. For the past month, I’ve been submitting complaints to the city and they’re responsive but the number of parked RVs has only increased. Is this the new normal? RVs parked and people living out of it?”

The image was shared on Reddit where Bay Area residents gave their thoughts on the emerging scenario.


Here, hundreds of locals had their say on the issue. One user also wrote this: “The majority of homeless are mentally unstable. You think they care? The only way to solve the problem is to kick them (the unstable homeless people) out or keep them in care homes. The issue is a lot of them want to do drugs which isn’t allowed in the proposed care homes or shelters.”

Based on this, it looks as though this new encampment may be here for the foreseeable future and if Bay Area policies are anything to go by, it may be quite some time before the RVs are eventually moved on.

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