Locals react to rising gas prices at Bristol and Baker, Orange County

September 17, 2023 by No Comments

A photo taken yesterday on Bristol and Baker showed Chevron gas prices. These were as high as $6.69 if paying by credit or debit card. Alternatively, prices were 10 cents cheaper if paying by cash or Chevron card.

Even during the current economic climate these prices seem very high and show the volatile market when it comes gasoline prices. In fairness, this isn’t just an issue exclusive to Orange County and can be seen across the USA. The gas prices were posted to the website Reddit where locals discussed the prices, with some users being genuinely shocked regarding the cost.


Here, one user claimed that this was more to do with Chevron’s pricing, rather than the historic pricing of gas. The user in question wrote: “There is an Arco on Baker like 1500 ft away that consistently has some of the best gas prices in OC, and it’s at a pretty convenient location, being just off the freeway. It was $5.45 today for unleaded(10¢ less for cash). People must be insanely lazy for this Chevron to stay in business. It’s not the worst around, but pretty bad, and the worst out of the 4 nearby stations.”

On a final note, this makes you wonder just how much the rising gas prices have to do with unavoidable factors, or whether it’s just down to companies simply asking for more money.

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