Customer shocked to find ‘Public improvement fee’ on restaurant receipt

September 17, 2023 by No Comments

Over the past few months, many Americans have vented their frustrations with regard to the rise of stealth tips that have been added to their receipts when dining out. However, this image shows a fairly new concept, described by the bill as a ‘Public improvement fee.’

The bill was uploaded to Reddit and the restaurant in question was Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Colorado Springs. The fee was 1.5% and honestly speaking, it looks like no one really knew what it was meant to go towards.


Although the diner was puzzled as to what the fee was for, it still didn’t stop them from tipping a generous $12 on a $59.55 meal. Clearly, the customer wasn’t tight with their money but it still begs the question of why the fee was included. Responding to the fee, one user named SoyInfinito commented: “All the more reason to not go out anymore.” Other locals claimed that this was a normal fee which was part of being in the Interquest area. However, it is not known whether this theory is actually true.

Regardless, you can see why this fee would annoy even the most patient of customers. It’s one thing getting billed for what you pay for and giving a tip, but it’s something very different when seemingly random fees are added to the end of the bill.

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