Rite Aid on Division/39th announces closure

September 16, 2023 by No Comments

Rite Aid on Division/39th recently announced its closure. Its last day as a store will be on September 26th. It also means that those using the store for prescriptions will have to get them from Fred Meyer at SE Hawthorne Boulevard. Although this news may be insignificant to many, it may also be a big issue for the elderly and those who aren’t able-bodied and are dependent on this particular location for prescriptions and health issues.

This was seen in the photo below which shows the sign the Rite Aid store left on its door. Aside from the announcement of an imminent closure, Rite Aid did not explain why the store was closing. Interestingly, Rite Aid currently has over 10 other stores dotted across Portland and surrounding towns. With this said, it is not known whether more closures of the chain will follow, or whether this is a one-off.


The closure sign was first uploaded on Reddit where Portland locals also discussed why the store was closing. Rite Aid was founded in 1962 and has since expanded its presence across the United States. It has undergone various changes and acquisitions over the years. Despite this store’s closure, the chain still remains a significant player in the pharmacy and retail industry.

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