Des Moines most expensive property goes up for sale – And it looks absolutely stunning

September 16, 2023 by No Comments

Located in the heart of the illustrious River Oaks Drive, this property just got listed for sale on Zillow. It turns out that it’s the most expensive house in Des Moines and will cost $2,500,000 to buy. Put differently, this equals $18,367 per month in terms of mortgage payments. In other words, you’ll need a lot of money to even consider buying this place, and that’s before maintenance and HOA fees are even considered.

This is 3,855 sqft in size and comes with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Perhaps one of the biggest selling points is the exterior. It looks incredibly modern and wouldn’t look out of place in a movie or rap music video. Unsurprisingly, it was built in 2021 so it is still very new.


As seen, the inside is incredibly open and there aren’t many walls. It’s also filled with white walls and large windows that help compliment its modern look. At the back of the property, it also comes with a balcony and landscaped garden. This would provide the ultimate chillout spot during summer nights in Iowa.


Despite using a minimalist style for the most part, some of the rooms are certainly quite unique. As seen, the one bathroom has quirky wallpaper that is bursting with color. Similarly, the other room has some very unusual wallpaper designs that fill the room with character.

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