Car crashes into pillar outside Hai Yen Bird’s Nest

September 16, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a car hit a pillar right outside of the Vietnamese shop, Hai Yen Bird’s Nest. This was photographed and shared online and took place outside of the shop at Bolsa Ave, Asian Village in Orange County. As seen below, the pillar took significant damage and was cracked in two.

Thankfully, this didn’t compromise the integrity of the building and the pillar was quickly taped off. Luckily, no one got seriously injured as under different circumstances this could have been a lot worse. For instance, had the pillar not been there then the vehicle could have easily driven directly into the store.


The image was uploaded on Reddit which showed passersby assessing the damage. In this thread, users discussed the possibilities of how the pillar came to be. It is assumed that a car drove directly into the pillar while attempting to park. Nonetheless, this clearly did significant damage to the structure.

For now, it is advised to avoid the pillar for obvious reasons but hopefully it will get repaired quickly. It is also a cautionary tale of parking. Despite parking vehicles driving at a significantly slower pace compared to regular driving, they can still cause serious accidents when going too quickly or when the driver loses concentration.

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