Baltimore Metro gets new train upgrades

September 16, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, MTA Maryland announced that they have updated the trains used for the Baltimore metro. In recent years, the Baltimore Metro has looked a little dated, so it’s nice to see the city investing back into the community in the form of new, upgraded services. This was announced on the MTA’s Instagram, which was accompanied by a photo of one of the new trains.

Here, the caption read: ‘We are proud to introduce Metro’s new test subway cars, aimed at elevating the commuter experience. Over the next 18-months the Metro division will welcome new heavy rail cars, representing a significant leap forward in our mission to enhance the transit rider experience in Baltimore, ensuring efficient and rapid transit for all.’

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The MTA also mentioned ‘Train interiors will be more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and will include bicycle tie-down areas.’ With this said, it’s not just the aesthetics that have been upgraded, and hopefully this means that the user journey will also be more comfortable as well.

Having said this, the upgrades may not be rolled out all at once. As the caption reads, this will take place over the next 18 months so it looks like this may be a sporadic improvement rather than all at once. Regardless, this represents a big upgrade for the city and can be welcomed as good news by all.

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