Ring Doorbell captures attempted cat-napping

September 15, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a Long Beach Reddit user uploaded a video from their Ring doorbell. Here, it showed an unknown woman coming to the door at 23:00. The woman in question then picked up the cat and casually walked off.

The victim described the ordeal and wrote: “Someone tried to take our cat last night!! A woman came right up to our porch and grabbed her! A previous video shows the woman chasing the cat around the driveway and walkway. This was in South of Conant” above the video. Clearly, this was a premeditated cat-napping, as it is claimed the woman had previously visited the property looking for the cat.

The video can be found here and luckily for the cat-thief, it is dark and grainy. Because of this, it would be incredibly difficult to try and identify her due to the lack of facial features caught on the camera.

In a twist of events, the cat-napping was unsuccessful. This was described by the same user who wrote: “Honestly my cat hates being picked up and carried, so I think she probably struggled to get free herself. She’s also kind of heavy at 14-15lbs.” With this said, the story could have had a much sadder ending for the victim, as it’s good news that the cat was not permanently stolen.

Interestingly, another user claimed that they had previously had two cats stolen from Belmont Heights, so this may not be as rare as it sounds.

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