Popular Philly Pretzel Shop to re-open this month one year after closing

September 15, 2023 by No Comments

Center City Pretzel Co. is on the comeback trail after closing one year ago. The closure was due to an electrical fire that damaged some key equipment. Since then, it has been indefinitely closed with some questioning whether they would even return.

Despite summer rumors of re-opening, there has been little in the way of concrete evidence until now. Firstly, a few months back Center City Pretzel Co. did a fundraiser that gained $7000 of a $10,000 target. However, more recently it looks like there is some good news that the comeback is near.


The image above was posted on the Philadelphia Reddit page which a local user took of the door to the Center City Pretzel Co. building. As seen, there is a sign that reads: ‘We’re coming back, Philly! Follow us on socials for updates. See you soon.’ Further proof of the re-opening can be found on their Facebook page which talks about passing recent safety tests.

Further evidence of the re-opening can be found on the local Yelp page which reads: ‘Scheduled to reopen on September 25, 2023.’ As seen on the aforementioned Yelp page, this shop was well received by locals and had a good reputation that had taken years to build. Overall this is good news for local pretzel lovers and also shows that with enough determination, small businesses can come back from the brink.

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