Locals shocked at the price of hand car wash business

September 15, 2023 by No Comments

A recent Reddit thread sparked a debate surrounding the price of a hand car wash at J’s in Boise. Here, the original poster wrote: “I used to work there and made $9 hour plus tips. The most expensive inside and out clean was like $22. These people better be making a liveable wage now.”

The reason for this was based on the new price at Js which was $40 for a full hand wash. We checked their website and this is correct. However, it should also be noted for transparency that they do also offer other services for closer to $20. In other words, there is some truth with the Reddit.


Replying to the Reddit thread, one Boise local wrote: “We used to go every week. Was $17, then $19, then $38I called the lady on it and she played stupid. Haven’t gone back. I understand costs go up, but not 100%”

It should be noted that this isn’t illegal either and businesses are allowed to raise prices as much as they want. Interestingly, Js still has good reviews online which suggests that most locals aren’t bothered with the price rises. With this said, if the prices are deemed too steep then the public will ultimately vote with their feet. Until then, it looks as though it’s business as usual for Js, despite a few disgruntled ex-customers.


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