Locals respond to strict Social Bar and Grill rules for customers

September 15, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, a list of requirements was photographed and posted to Reddit which explained the policies enforced by Social Bar & Grill. This included: No masks, no man bags, no backpacks, no saggy pants, no men’s sleeveless tank tops, and no overly revealing outfits. Obviously, these rules have a degree of interpretation surrounding them.

On top of the dress code, the sign also reads a list of dining rules which are as follows: Please read descriptions on the menu, be specific on temperatures, if you order it and touch it, you pay for it, no returns, a 20% gratuity bill, ID for paying with a credit card on purchases over $25, and those smelling of marijuana would be asked to leave.


Understandably, this garnered a strong response from the St. Louis community on Reddit as the photo gained over 500 comments. This was summed up by one user who simply wrote: “If I have to read a whole page of rules to go in the restaurant, I’d just pick another restaurant.” Not only this but many of the other comments were less diplomatic in their use of words to describe the Social Bar and Grill rules.

Having said this, the restaurant still has a solid score on Trip Advisor so it could be a case that these rules have been put forward to stop picky customers. Nonetheless, it seems as though these rules didn’t go down very well with a lot of people.

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