Indianapolis Donut Shop to close two stores due to ‘changing landscape’

September 15, 2023 by No Comments

A popular local bakery is set to undergo some significant changes in the near future, which involve the closure of two of its branches in Indianapolis.

Rise’n Roll Bakery has announced the upcoming closure of its downtown Indianapolis branch after the conclusion of service this Saturday. This decision is part of a strategic shift aimed at adapting to the evolving dynamics of downtown Indianapolis, which has experienced a decline in office worker presence.

Additionally, Rise’n Roll will also cease operations at its Broad Ripple location. Both the downtown and Broad Ripple branches will be amalgamated into a new establishment in the Nora area. According to a spokesperson, the decision to close these two locations was due to a ‘changing landscape’ of the population surrounding both premises. This was mentioned on their Facebook page which also thanked local customers for their support over the years.

In conjunction with consolidating its presence in Nora, Rise’n Roll has ambitious plans to expand into either Carmel or Westfield. The bakery is actively exploring potential locations in these areas, heralding an exciting new era for the Rise’n Roll brand. Based on this, it may not be the case of a dying business, and may actually be a genuine change of strategy that means Indianapolis may not be losing its favorite donuts after all.

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