Iconic Minneapolis car on stick gets replaced by new advert

September 15, 2023 by No Comments

If you’ve lived in Minneapolis long enough then you’ll be aware of the iconic car on the stick. This is a red car with a mannequin inside and it has the sign ‘Psalm 46:10’ on the side of the vehicle. It has been in Minneapolis for years and is a pretty unusual sight. Arguably, this gives the city character and because of this, locals have grown fond of it.

Unfortunately for some, the car on the stick is no more as it was recently replaced with a sign that reads ‘Bille Bus’. This is a new advert for the Bille Bus company who provide school buses to schools among other things.


According to one local, the original car was named Minnie Mapco and was originally placed in the air to advertise for the Mapco auto parts company. It looks like the pole has since been purchased by Bille Bus and have used it to advertise their business.

Based on this thread, a lot of Minneapolis residents were sad to see the car on the stick finally leave after being in the air for decades. Interestingly, it is unknown what has happened to the car and its whereabouts since being removed. However, we can only hope that it is put to good use as it will always remain in the hearts of the city.

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