Curry Leaves mysteriously closes – But it’s only temporary

September 15, 2023 by No Comments

Curry Leaves has been around since 2017 and has since received solid reviews from Tampa locals. With this in mind, it may not make sense as to why they’re currently closed. In fact, they’ve been closed for a while now with little explanation.

For instance, if you visit their Facebook page then there is no explanation. Similarly, their Google account claims that they’re open for business. However, if you visit the venue in person then you will see that it is closed. So, what is actually going on?

It turns out that they are only temporarily closed so if you’re a fan of Indian cuisine then you shouldn’t panic. Despite a lack of communication surrounding their closure, you can find out why on their official website. Here, you should be greeted with a pop-up that explains what is going on.


Here, the pop-up reads: ‘Pardon our dust! We are working hard to make curry leaves even better for you! we are currently renovating and are open in a limited capacity. For take-out and delivery only.’ In short, the closure is on going while renovations take place.

Despite this update, it is not known when the establishment will re-open. Over the years, Curry Leaves has built a strong reputation in the area and is known for being situated next to a BP gas station.


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