Beloved Radio host retires after 25-year career

September 15, 2023 by No Comments

Veteran radio personality Tim Fox, who has been a beloved host on New Country 93.3 for over two and a half decades, is set to embark on his well-deserved retirement. Over the course of his remarkable 26-year tenure, Fox has been a cheerful presence alongside Tracy Berry and the dearly departed Bill Barrett, brightening the mornings of Western Oregon and Eugene residents.

In true comedic fashion, Fox took to Facebook to announce his retirement where he wrote: “I don’t much like the word “retirement”.It sounds too much like a productive, engaged and active individual will suddenly drop everything, go home to sit on their porch and shout “GET OFF MY LAWN!”


The announcement was also combined with a picture of Fox who was happily holding up a sign that read ‘First day of retirement.’ Alongside this, Fox was wearing a backpack and cap which indicated that he may have spent his first day of retirement hiking around Eugene or the local trails.

Reacting to his Facebook post, over 1,700 people liked his photo, while over 400 people commented to pay their respects to the local airwaves legend. Clearly, he had made a big impact on the Eugene community and beyond. As of right now, it has not been confirmed who will be replacing him. However, based on the reaction they will clearly have big shoes to fill.


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