Video shows biblical rainfall in downtown Albuquerque

September 14, 2023 by No Comments

A recent video uploaded to Reddit showed just how bad the rainfall was in downtown Albuquerque. Here, a number of driving cars almost got completely submerged when entering the large puddles. This shows just how bad the rainfall was in the city which put out flood alerts in response to the torrential weather.

Here, one user gave out some solid advice for the driver navigating through the flood, as they wrote: “Don’t drive so fast that water can get sucked into the air cleaner and into an engine cylinder. Water doesn’t easily compress and you’ll severely damage your engine. It doesn’t take much.”

This also prompted others to question why people were driving in these conditions in the first place and that optimal driving routes could have been taken instead. The rainpour comes after months of heat and a dry summer in the state which means that the rain was met as a welcome relief by many until it seemed to get out of control.

On a separate note, this has also led some to question the threat of mosquitos who could potentially use the rainwater and heat as a breeding ground. For now at least, the good news is that the rain has stopped and if only temporarily, the weather has resumed to normal.

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