Popular Oklahoma City Brewery announces closure at the end of September

September 14, 2023 by No Comments

This week, Twisted Spike Brewing Company announced that they would be permanently closing on September 30th. On their Instagram account, they wrote: “No Tears in Your Beers! Thanks for 7 Years! This Train is Leaving the Station! Thanks for the Ride! Twisted Spike will be closing its doors on Sept 30th”

Understandably, this gained a lot of attention from Oklahoma City residents who paid their respects. In total, the post gained over 600 likes and over 65 comments. Clearly, this brewery made quite an impact on the local ale scene. More information on the closure can be found in the Instagram post below.

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Despite announcing the closure, the brewery did not state why they were closing and whether this was down to a personal or business decision. Founded in 2016, the Twisted Spike Brewing Company had gained cult status in OKC and had been given glowing reviews online.

In terms of unique beverages, this place had plenty on offer which is why local drinkers may be quite upset to hear of its closure. As of right now, it is not known what business will be entering the premises after its closure. However, based on the public announcement, it looks as though Twisted Spike Brewery will not be re-opening under a different capacity.

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