Popular fast food chain restaurant coming soon to Union Station

September 14, 2023 by No Comments

A photo recently uploaded to social media showed a huge Raising Cane’s advert in the Union Station. This surrounded the previous spot that had been empty for some time. Interestingly, the station previously had a Bojangles restaurant that eventually closed (coincidentally another chicken-based fast food spot) which means that which means that Raising Cane’s may have its work cut out to become financially viable in this location.

Unfortunately, not much information is available on when this restaurant will be opened. Nonetheless, you would assume that it would be weeks or months away due to the advertising on display. Having said this, according to this Twitter account it could be opening in 2023. Still, at this point in time an exact date has not been given and information is vague.


The opening of Raising Cane’s may represent a larger expansion policy of Raising Cane’s across Washington and other areas. Established in 1996, Raising Cane’s had its beginnings in Baton Rouge but has since ventured beyond the borders of Louisiana.

This eatery franchise has gained recognition for its uncomplicated and targeted menu, which revolves around chicken tenders, along with its distinctive Cane’s sauce. Deliberately keeping its menu concise, Raising Cane’s places its emphasis on delivering top-notch chicken tenders and a select range of accompanying side dishes, thereby ensuring a simple and dependable dining experience.

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