New Craft Store set to open in Capitola

September 14, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, there has been talk of a new Michael’s craft store opening in town. While you may dismiss this as local gossip, it turns out that this is actually going to happen. We recently did some research and found this website which was advertising for a store manager position at Michaels in Capitola. This advert was posted in August and was offering $59,500.00 per year with 401k.

As seen in the above link, the job was put forth by The Michaels Companies, Inc which shows that there are serious plans to open a store in Santa Cruz. When big companies open new venues, there is often years worth of research done behind the scenes until plans become a reality.

After doing some further research, a recent Reddit thread based in Santa Cruz also added to the rumors. Here, a local claimed that a sign was put up by Michael’s confirming their imminent arrival. The Reddit user wrote: “It is going in the old Bed Bath and Beyond building. There’s a sign/banner, but I don’t know that there’s any information other than that.”

This was also confirmed by someone else, although there is no photographic evidence of said banner. Elsewhere, another member who claimed to work for Michaels wrote this: “I’m an employee at Michael’s and can confirm a location in Capitola is opening up. I don’t know much about it besides overhearing my manager confirm it was opening one there.”

It looks as though any information on an official opening day is not yet publicly available. However, the fact that Michaels is hiring in the area speaks volumes and shows that a new craft store will soon be on its way.

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