New Cleveland music venue opens at Mahall’s

September 14, 2023 by No Comments

It’s great to hear that The Roxy is opening its doors to music lovers this week! This 800-capacity venue seems like an exciting addition to the Lakewood entertainment complex (located at Mahall’s). It’s interesting to note that it’s located in a space that used to house bowling lanes, and it’s reviving the name and spirit of a former dance hall from the 1920s and ’30s called “The Roxy.” This connection to history adds a unique touch to the venue.

The improvements and updates made to the space over the past year and a half, including HVAC installation, fire suppression, electrical work, and an ADA-accessible ramp, are essential for ensuring the safety and comfort of patrons. These changes demonstrate a commitment to providing a modern and accessible entertainment experience.

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Additionally, the previous renovations made by the ownership team, such as opening Pins & Needles, a ’70s cocktail bar, and overcoming challenges like flooding, show their dedication to enhancing the overall complex and offering diverse entertainment options.

With a lineup of upcoming concerts featuring a variety of artists, it sounds like The Roxy is set to become a vibrant hub for music enthusiasts in the area. As a result, you can’t help but root for them and hope the venue’s opening is a resounding success!

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