Kim Reynolds criticised on Twitter after Burlington meeting

September 14, 2023 by No Comments

This weekend, Iowa’s governor Kim Reynolds sat down with a small group of local business owners. She uploaded a photo of this meeting onto her official Twitter account and captioned the snap: “Great things happening in Burlington! Appreciated the opportunity to speak to several small business owners in Des Moines County!”

Despite this being fairly innocuous, it still led to a number of insults in her comments section where Iowans voiced their political displeasure with her.

Here, one user named Lady Browneyes commented: “Way to go Kimmy you made national news this morning on how you have joined a nation of fruit leading the way to banning books. If you’re pro-education, why are you banning books that teach uncomfortable portions of history in society? What is this your white wash way?”

As well, a user named Marianne Dirksen wrote: “What “great things” are you talking about or are you just photo opping again?” Clearly, people weren’t happy with the governor and let their grievances be known. Since these comments were left, Kim Reynolds has not replied. It is not known whether she ignored them or happened to avoid seeing the comments left on her personal account. In fairness, Kim Reynolds has often been the source of criticism over the years, so it may be a case of water off a duck’s back.


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