Brightline Orlando Service Will Open To Public On September 22nd

September 14, 2023 by No Comments

For those looking for a faster way to get to Orlando from Miami, Brightline will begin its service starting on Friday September 22. With the tourist attractions at Orlando, it’s not difficult to see how this service aims to capture families looking to go to Disney or Universal Studios for a weekend.

Currently, this rail trip takes around 5 hours and 10 minutes costing an average of $42, although of course at peak hours it can cost more. The new option to take the journey with Brightline, reduces this transit time to approximately 3.5 hours, but comes at a price. Tickets start at $79 for adults and $39 for kids, but as of now, it’s not known how high they will peak at.

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The pricepoint has left locals of both areas somewhat divided. On the one hand, many people are quite happy that there is a newer and faster service that runs between the two major cities. After all, increased competition is certainly not a bad thing. Furthermore, the main point that was made is that the drive from Orlando to Miami is extremely unpleasant,. While it is a fairly simple drive, noody wants to sit in their car for 4-5 hours.

On the other hand, some residents were critical of the pricing. As an adult ticket starts at $79, this is already nearly double the price of other rail tickets for similar journeys.

Overall, the Brightline expansion reception has been very positive. When adding up the time spent at airport security, taking this train journey will likely be a welcome break for those who are sick of flying and waiting around. After all, this is a very popular route for now, with 56 flights between to two airports taking place each week.

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