This Kansas property just dropped its price massively – but it’s still worth millions

September 13, 2023 by No Comments

According to Zillow, this property just knocked off a staggering $650,000 from its asking price. Under normal circumstances, this amount of money could easily buy you a property in Kansas City with money to spare. However, this property is quite special and still remains on sale at $9,350,000.

This works out to $63,540 per month in mortgage repayments. Built in 1922, it has plenty of charm and character. It also comes with 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, as well as 12,554 sqft that sits on 3.40 acres of land. No wonder then, is this property so pricey.


As seen, it has high ceilings, domed rooms, heated wooden floors, and three stories. Perhaps one of its best-selling points is the lavish garden. Although this may cost a small fortune to maintain, it looks stunning and shows how nice this property is. There is also plenty of space to walk around with privacy due to the size of the garden which is protected by a security gate.

Interestingly, this property is also completely empty. Often, lavish houses are filled with furniture and other features to help sell what it may look like to be lived in. This could be a positive or negative here, depending on how you view it. Nonetheless, you’d need a lot of stuff to properly fill this mega-mansion.

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