The Historic McBirney Mansion just got listed for sale – And it’s absolutely huge

September 13, 2023 by No Comments

Recently listed on Zillow, this is literally the most expensive house on the market in Tulsa. Costing a cool $8,500,000, it is 15,900 sqft in size and sits on nearly 3 acres of land. In other words, a more fitting term to describe this property would be calling it a mansion. Further evidence of this can be seen with its 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and various other rooms on show.

Located on the highly sought-after S Galveston Ave, this also comes with a lot of history. Built in 1928, it has aged fantastically and the Zillow listing also comes with old photos which show a glimpse of this house’s past. For those unaware, this property was the home of the co-founder of the Bank of Commerce in Tulsa and is better known as the Historic McBirney Mansion


It also comes with a den room, bar, wine cellar, games room, pond, and walk-in closet. These are just some of the many features that help set this property apart and why it is so expensive compared to other houses in the area.


Overall, it’s done well over the years and blends modern living nicely with its historic past. As you can imagine though, the upkeep on this place would not be cheap and unfortunately, the price tag means this is only available to the very wealthiest of Tulsans.


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